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A la carte workshops

At the Hallettes in Montivilliers (76 Seine-Maritime)


Do you live in Haute-Normandie, near Le Havre and its surroundings within a radius of 30 km, and are you looking for a creative leisure activity leader?


A la carte workshops for children (from 7 years old):

The objective is to make them discover the world of creative hobbies by offering them projects that are easy to carry out, to develop their creativity but also to use the basic notions of calculation learned at school.

For ease and timing, a kit is prepared for each child, the kit including the various supplies needed to complete the project.

Price/child: between €15 and €18 depending on preparation time, supplies, project.




A la carte workshops for adults (beginner to advanced):

To make it easier for you to participate in the workshops according to your availability, SCRAP FOR YOU has decided to offer you “à la carte” workshops, that is to say that you choose the project that interests you and you register.

It's simple, fast and the assurance of having almost a private lesson!

In all, there are about twenty projects that are proposed to you.

The price of the workshop is set according to 3 or even 4 criteria:

  • the preparation of the workshop,

  • the supplies needed for the project,

  • the tutorial (depending on the project),

  • the lesson.



Whether for children's workshops or for adult workshops, registrations are made 48 hours in advance or the day before for the next day (in this case the workshop will take place in the afternoon, the time to prepare it):

  • at the "Scrap for You" shop at Les Hallettes in Montivilliers (6 rue Henry Lemonnier)

  • by email

  • or by phone at


Certain themes may be offered at the various events that mark the year:

  • Valentine's Day

  • grandmothers day,

  • Mothers' Day

  • Fathers Day

  • Halloween

  • Christmas

  • Christmas and New Year

  • ...


<- Cliquez sur le titre pour voir

    tous les projets

<- Cliquez sur le titre pour voir

    tous les projets

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